Welcome to Spring Academy

Spring Academy is a Seattle private school providing a forward-thinking alternative to the traditional school environment. We believe each student is unique and deserves an individualized educational experience, customized and taught in a one-to-one setting.


If you decide in the 1st month that we’re not the best match for your needs, we don’t want you to pay. It’s that simple.



This is a totally customized, one-to-one program tailored to your child’s learning style, interests, and schedule that replaces the traditional school setting.

  • A school program tailored to each individual student
  • Our courses fulfill all requirements for a semester, a year, or a full diploma


We partner with local schools to provide students with the selected courses they need in a one-to-one setting. PT students still attend their traditional school.

  • Fill in deficit credits, raise GPA
  • Credits transferable to local schools
  • Take individual or multiple courses


Your child can complete courses over the summer through our collaboration with their traditional school for missing, replacement, or advancement credits.

  • Fulfill requirements for full-year or semester courses
  • Retake a course for content mastery and GPA
  • Complete Algebra or other courses for advanced placement
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