Our Part-Time Program

Part-Time programs allow a student to complete selected courses at the Academy that complement or replace classes from his or her traditional school. By partnering with local public and private schools, our staff design programs that fulfill all academic requirements between both settings – Spring Academy and the traditional school.

Students in the Part-Time program attend Spring Academy for a variety of reasons: to complete courses that fill in deficit credits; to raise his or her grade point average, or to progress more quickly towards graduation. As always, each learning program is totally customized to meet your child’s needs.

Learning Environment

Learning styles vary from student to student, and what works well for one isn’t the best fit for another. Our teachers understand this. Some learn by doing, while others learn by listening or observing. No matter what your child’s strengths and challenges may be, Spring Academy teachers will tailor their lessons accordingly to leverage your child’s natural learning style.

In a traditional setting, it’s common to observe students who lose focus or are off-task during much of the lesson. Spring Academy is different. Our intensive, one-to-one teaching provides a distraction-free environment, resulting in more time on-task and accelerated progression towards course completion. With the individualized attention and positive atmosphere we create, motivated students are the norm – and not the exception.

Flexible Scheduling

Spring Academy provides customized solutions for your family’s unique scheduling needs. With flexible scheduling, our students can plan their class schedules for the days and times that are right for them. And because we offer genuine open enrollment, classes can be started, paused and/or completed at any time throughout the year. Plus, our extended hours (8:30am-5pm) surpass traditional school hours in order to accommodate your preferences and needs.

We understand that life isn’t always predictable. When students need to temporarily pause their programs (due to athletics, travel or illness), Spring Academy gives them the option to pick up exactly where they left off at any time. Like our instructional programs, our class schedules are completely centered around the needs of our individual students and families.

Standards & Accreditation

All courses at Spring Academy meet the standards that are required for all Washington State students. From graduation requirements to curriculum goals, Spring Academy is a fully state-accredited institution.


We are always available to talk to you regarding your child’s program and goals. You will automatically receive progress updates each month; however, we encourage you to call, email or stop by anytime with questions and preferences you may have regarding your son or daughter’s program.


Spring Academy programs are 100% customized to each student, so there isn’t a “standard” program cost. Monthly tuition can be accurately estimated once we understand your student’s needs and the desired pacing (i.e., the number of hourly sessions per week).

Tuition per Course

Part-Time programs are comprised of one or more individual courses. Base tuition per course is $595 per month (at a pace of 2 hourly sessions per week).

Enrollment Fee

$150. (This is a one-time fee for each student and is good for all future courses or tutoring.)

The Spring Academy Guarantee

If you decide in the first month that we’re not the best match for your child, we don’t want you to pay. It’s that simple.
Just contact us within the first month to cancel your program and you won’t be billed – for anything.

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