What Parents are Saying

“We’ve been very impressed and grateful — our son is even making improvements in his other classes at school. We are very pleased.” – Mom of gifted middle school student attending part-time


“Our son was overwhelmed and anxious about his academic performance. We had to make a change to improve his experience and to ensure he would not fall behind. We searched around and looked at many possibilities, but ultimately selected Spring Academy. It was a great decision. Our son has maintained – and in some subjects (math and science) excelled beyond – grade level. The teachers and staff are warm and they create a safe, nurturing academic environment. We highly recommend Spring Academy!” – Jordan A., father of middle school student attending full-time


“My son was really struggling in public high school. He was hanging out with the ‘wrong kids,’ was bored in his classes and wasn’t engaged in the learning process. With ADHD and large classroom sizes, the entire public school experience wasn’t working for him. Spring Academy has developed a curriculum that is both rigorous and aligned to my son’s interests. The one-on-one learning environment is ideal for students with attention challenges and makes it possible to get through significant material in much shorter period of times than possible in a classroom with 30 students with wide learning and interest ranges. My son likes and feels personally accountable to his school and his teachers at Spring Academy.” – Mother of full-time 10th grader


My son never felt intelligent in school before. In 10th grade, we discovered one-on-one teaching. His natural intellect and creative skills came bursting forth. Best money ever spent, plus his self esteem and interest in learning both rose.” – Joyce A.


“…your kindness was an amazing gift in the midst of so many difficult decisions.” -Seattle mother


“Our son had a great experience working with your team. The one-on-one instruction meant that he could accelerate or slow down as needed, depending on whether the material was new or familiar. He is a very capable learner – now in his last year of college. I highly recommend this approach to mastering valuable pre-college material, and this team of teachers.” – Kate


“[My daughter] still feels that you saved her high school career.” – Seattle mom


Our daughter thrived with one on one support during a very difficult time in her high school years. While many things were not going well, one thing that did go well was her success at the Academy. One on one teaching and the teacher’s genuine interest in her as a smart and active learner helped restore her confidence. She moved faster through the material than if she had been in a traditional school. She developed the confidence to move forward and finish high school.” – Seattle parent


“Thanks for all that you did for our girls. Those were challenging times for all of us, and you were a big reason we were able to navigate through them.” – Mother of multiple 1:1 students


“Your school was such an important part of getting our daughter over a tricky bump, and we will be forever grateful to all of you for that.” – Greater Seattle parent


“We continue to be so grateful for the powerful launch you provided for our son.” – Seattle mom


“I was just thinking about how much you helped our son when he was there. We are always thankful that you were there for him when he really needed it.” – Mother, Greater Seattle area

The Spring Academy Guarantee

If you decide in the first month that we’re not the best match for your child, we don’t want you to pay. It’s that simple.
Just contact us within the first month to cancel your program and you won’t be billed – for anything.

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